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Postby Salius on Thu Jun 07, 2007 4:42 pm

We have damage casters (storms) and healers (druids), so how could we make Necromancers a unique class and not just some hybrid?

I propose we give them area poison attacks (low damage, stat reduction), enbalm corpse (preserves corpses), raise dead (raises a zombie from a corpse, only one pet per necromancer... it regens only from corpses of mobs), drain (draws power from dying victims, only works on dying mobs), and Spear of Vashimoth (creates a spear from a corpse)


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Re: Necromancers

Postby Fantom on Fri Jun 08, 2007 11:45 am

Surely a Necromancer is a specialist mage?

I want a mage guild - how about you start with some basics for that - then they can chose subguilds later.
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Re: Necromancers

Postby Fire on Sun Jul 01, 2007 9:36 am

Ilya was working on a Mage Guild. Then he stopped working on it and stopped logging on. Perhaps you can check his work and tell us what all he has done and give us ideas?
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Re: Necromancers

Postby Salius on Tue Dec 04, 2007 9:22 pm

What kind of basis were you thinking of for a mage guild?

If the whole system was up in the air we could do something like this:

Mage Primary
=150% damage Gattack
=75% heal Gheal
=Elemental Utility Special SummonCloud
=icestorm (weak)
=lightning (strong)
=hail (weak area)
=Lshield (thiefs' bane)

=Multiple of weapon special, backstab, useable to begin combat only
=stab (single extra hit with used weapon)
=hide (perception vs steal utility special)
=smokescreen (random direction flee with hide at the end)
=laquered poison (imbues weapons with store bought poisons)

=150% heal Gheal
=75% damage, Gdamage
=Pet Utility Special (makes pets follow you around because cheap is cheap)
=Barkskin (why wear armor)
=aislin (why logout when you can take six rounds of damage)

Mage Subguilds

Battle Casters
+50% gdamage
-25% gheal

Fire Throwers
- normal gdamage skills of mage
+ Fireball and Nova (area attacks, gp 25 and 100)

-50% gdamage
+ Summon Earth Elemental (room only pet, blocks damage for everyone in room, high ac, high hp, disappears when caster leaves room, gp 200)

-25% gdamage
+25% gheal
- hailstorm
+ Summon Water Elemental (room only pet, does not block --no physical presence-- but has good attack, disappears when caster leaves room, gp 200)

+Siphon (steal hp/no healing here, would have to use a diminishing version of current damage code... some kind of exponential decay series multiplying the current code)
+25% gheal
+Bonestorm (requires a corpse, area affect damage)
+Summon Zombie (requires a corpse, only one zombie available at a time)
+Empower Zombie (requires a corpse, heals zombie and raises its stats)
+100% gdamage (bonestorm uses corpse value as a reagent; thus, damage would be much lower than normal attacks)

Lightning Master
+improved lightning (50gp, fast cast)
+lightning blade (creates a weapon that disappears when wielder does anything but attack with it)

Thief Subguilds

+25% backstab and stab damage
+ambush (increased version of hide)

+Frenzy (special command that doubles combat hits for a limited time, 200gp)

+50% number of hits before poison wears off
+circle (half a backstab useable during combat, 150gp, high delay--have to get around to their back and all)


Druid Subguilds

Pet Merchant
-25% gdamage
+25% pet level (skill roll while qualifying type of pet) and duration

War Priest
+50% gdamage
-25% gheal
+improved barkskin (+25%)

+50% gheal
-25% gdamage
+improved aislin (fast cast)
+improved forage (5gp cost, oh my)
+improved sit at login skills (Pikachu +10%)

The values are arbitrary, but some sort of balancing would have to be added.

Food for thought.
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