Widespread use of Charisma

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Widespread use of Charisma

Postby Lucid on Sun Apr 22, 2007 9:22 am

Charisma is a skill we use to charm others, whether they be other races, NPCs, or monsters (Druids).

What we have so far is a skill that is used in some Druid skills, and an ability to reduce the aggro rate of some monsters, but I feel that rarely ever is the case, so I'm not sure that it's in effect at all.

Idea that people have been shooting around for awhile for the stat: Have it affect how much we get for selling items at a store.
I took that and made it work (not coded!) like this: Include barter, negotiation, and communication as aspect that are learned somewhere in the game. Possibly you could learn from a wise shop owner after selling him things that he asks you to get for him. These already have some skills in other.social.trading/communication.
One way to do this is to show alignment in score again. Because alignment would play the side-role in the commands. Also, Factions (would need to be coded and tracked for kills of citizens in the city you're trying to sell things in.)

My alignment idea branches down into guild trainers:

Alignment should affect whether the Guild trainer teaches you or not.
  • Thief : Evil (kill in cities)
  • Druid : Good (kill demons and aggroes)
  • Storm/Warrior : Neutral (kill a little of both)
Note: Alignment must be shown in score.
How do we keep that from making it so much harder to learn what is already relatively easy?
Answer: By playing off of charisma. Have it so that having (and maintaining.. it could change as part of the alignment balance?) a high charisma can help keep you within your guild's proper alignment.
And, while being evil should effect your barter and things, I think if you had a high charisma and communication skills as a thief you could better convince NPCs you were less of a threat.

There are other.litteracy.reading/writing that could be used in shops and when reading signs. These could be other aspects outside of guilds'. This could effect your ability to read signs, and determine proper prices, and essentially effect your bartering (Trying to convince an NPC to buy something far below it's worth etc could create problems for you faction-wise, etc.) Not being able to read a road sign's directions accurately could be confusing. Signs could be learned at the earliest levels in the skills and aspects for their default level. At least for the direction learning, because that is basic education.

Game age, race, and Intelligence could also be used in determining who were best at the various skills.
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Re: Widespread use of Charisma

Postby Salius on Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:30 pm

The alignment change would probably have to start out as a realmwide faction: -1000 for evil and 1000 for angelic. This is very common to most mudders. This could be useful for an experience exchange system, but would probably just annoy longtime experience farmers.

I like the idea of faction within multiple realms, but I doubt changing every character in play would be a small task (even with template manipulations). If realm specific faction were put in play we could kill enemies of binary realms to increase one at the cost of another; thus, we could run right through guards and kill the royal heads--might be hard getting back out though.

Charisma should affect coin values, but not more than race or some possible faction values. I think this stat had more to do with having something easy to lose at dying, and assuring the RW humans that they are the prettiest race--not sure how humans beat elves though.

Good thoughts

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