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Postby Salius on Thu Jun 07, 2007 3:22 pm

I am sure all you TG addicts have wondered why a skilled adventurer never gets better at frequency of attacks. Nowadays, we run amok trying to get those supercrack giving bracers.

What if we skills had some probability of improving frequency instead of just accuracy?

I propose we create a tablet identity, much like we now do for gcommand timing, that would lookup values before login for a set probability of multihits. This wouldn't require bracers be taken out of play again; I would just like to see a way to improve speed without crack bracers.

multihit_type (race_type [arbitrary constant of race], multihit_weapontype[new skill], guild_lvl [guild weapon prefs],Dexterity)

in game modifiers = weapon weight vs str, encumbrance, bracers of speed, (balance based on hit to miss and defend vs damage)

This is the Theory of multihit:

If one wishes to move faster and attempt to hit an object quickly one should have to work
within the constraints of racial preferences, multiplehit skill, guild preferences, weapon weight,
encumbrance, and magical items that may affect speed.

Currently, multihit works through one item: bracers of speed. The two forms of bracers give what
ammounts to haste and multihaste (haste for those of us who remember D&D) as modified by magic.items.other.

Hitting more often than three times (per round) should probably be prohibitted due to the damage capacity
being greater than every attack skill currently in play.

Racial preferences should probably be added later but I think they would go something like this (from lore)

These are tentative Racial Preferences:

Ogre:Massive=CLUB (anything heavy but especially club should have a huge multiplier)
Very Strong=heavy

Dwarf: Strong: Mace, Hammer, Pick (lore professes of great skill of dwarven usage due to years of craft)
Medium: Axe, sword (although not unskilled lore tells of dwarves sometimes preferring to arm
with standard weapons of war)

halfling: Strong: knife, dagger, sling
Medium: Bow

Orc: Very Strong: Sword, Polearm, Crossbow, Axe, Spear
Strong: Club,

Human: Medium: all?

Elf: Magical weapons?
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Re: Multihit

Postby Lucid on Fri Aug 10, 2007 3:47 am

I didn't read all that, but i think something like a dagger could do more hits per second, but less damage.
And a sword could have a slash + random pierce melee that wasn't part of it's extra special damage.
A blunt type could deliver a hefty blow that could temporarily stun.

It definitely looks cooler to see more hits, even if the damage isn't really that great.
Doing it with only one type of weapon OR with bracers is kind of boring, but then almost everyone trained pointed anyway.

There should be other ways to do multi-hits that aren't weapon dependant. But I can't think of anything viable.
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Re: Multihit

Postby Salius on Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:13 pm

Short of revamping the timing code, there is not much that could be done beyond what I initially advocated.

I like the idea of a chaos driven random based on an average value with set deviation all based on race, attributes, weapon type, special skills, encumbrance, and maybe even fatigue.

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