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Raise/Revive Gcommand

Postby SSDave on Tue Aug 07, 2007 10:09 pm

This was off another MMORPG I played where white mages(Druids) were able to raise people when they died instead of them having to respawn and loose everything. If a druid raises you. You kept more of your exp instead of loosing it all to dieing. You might make it 25% or 50% of your exp is saved if you are raised by a Druid. You might also be able to keep your gear. See as you are raised from the spot you died at.


GP cost - 150

pro's - Keep some of your exp and or armour.

con's - Usally people charged others to be raised. 10k in gold to raise you and sometimes you got ripped off.

There was also another command that you could cast raise on yourself or someone else that would reraise you automaticly if you died but the spell would only last 1 hour after being casted before it wore off. GP cost was also 150.
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Re: Raise/Revive Gcommand

Postby Lucid on Thu Aug 09, 2007 7:12 pm

I like the idea for another guild like cleric.
But perhaps we could receive a holy item from Mamma Teresa that will give us a chance to revive when we do nicey things for her.
It should be tedious to get something like that, though. And it should only give a chance to revive, but waive the xp loss % regardless.
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Re: Raise/Revive Gcommand

Postby Salius on Thu Nov 22, 2007 7:25 am

Cleric guilds in other games spend a lot of time doing this kind of thing, but in most games exp is not something that is just spent on skills.

I think we should keep druids out of the help me get my exp back loop; we should instead institute a special offline area ghosts can stay to get their exp back. Logging in would throw ghosts into this room. For every hour spent in this room the character would get back 1%. Due to pkilling transfer of exp, this might have be restricted to npks till something else is thought up.

Imagine all the normal things people could do while they waited for their two hundred million experience to come back.

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Ghost Room

Postby Salius on Mon Dec 31, 2007 8:52 pm

Along with the death room exp regeneration, we should add the probability of not having to retrain a stat if the ghost sits out an entire day. This would not only give people time to think about what they did to get to that point, it would give them the opportunity to live some normal life while not losing out on whatever potential gain they see playing all day would give.

A death room would give people some good things: time off, less anxiety about in game death, a chance to see their familys' again, and time to think or plan out how they will make their play time better.

This seems reasonable to me.

Maybe some kind of 10% extra to time spent in the ghost closet could be added to a priest class, but the primary part of death should not be emailing your friends so you can get back up and running again.
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