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Druids of the Claw

Postby Salius on Mon Dec 31, 2007 7:34 pm

New Druid Subtype

I have been playing a bit of WarcraftIII lately and have found their druids of the claw immusing enough to post a bit thought on how to add to the druids of Tharsis. In WIII, the DoCs have a regeneration over time special and a damage augment that make sense for our entertaining realm.

Since the mage archetype Stormlords currently have a rain heal that is on par with our mediumheal (theirs is capped, but with all the gms playing storms I am sure it will get uncapped and improved), we should add a heal over time gcommand for druids. Normal heals only make sense in dire circumstances, and a heal over time seems like a druid way of doing things.

Tharsis druids already have the slight buff of strengthen, this only adds to overall stat point values. We should make a slight buff of physical attack or staff imbue to enhance druid melee capability--druids have always been on the low end of weapon ability and experience potential. This doesn't have to be some inbalancing capability, just a slight improvement to help out the simple guys running around with bugs and wolves.
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