Working For Us

Stock Software is a small software development contractor based in Victoria, Australia.

The company was established in 1999 by our two directors, Ian and James. It currently has 10 employees, and we are all software developers, including Ian and James. Our team has grown slowly and we always welcome the addition of high quality people with any level of experience.

Our work is the fulfilment of development jobs for a variety of clients. James tends to lead contracts within the state government and Ian has a team he leads for a private sector company. New employees usually work alongside one of us at the start, but after a settling in period they are welcome to branch out into other work - providing that we can find a client that has work in which they are interested.

We work almost entirely in Java and Javascript. We do a large amount of work for the emergency services branches of the government, in several states, involving a wide range of solutions from large web applications to small utilities. Outside of the government, we've done a fair variety of things but our biggest customers come from the financial sector and the national aerial firefighting bodies.

We very rarely work out of our own offices, preferring to follow a more Agile approach which places us in the offices of our clients. We subsidise your home Internet connection and are happy for you to work there when it suits your client. During Covid we worked almost exclusively from home.

As a small company we are quite a close knit group. We all meet at least once a week for lunch and games. We also continually share and explore each others designs, code and ideas. Covid did not stop this, we just moved our boardgames online and continually meet and talk over the web. We are a diverse group encompasing people of all genders, backgrounds and nationalities and welcome anyone who furthers this diversity.

Some of the benefits of working for a smaller company like Stock Software include:

You work right beside the people who control the company direction, giving you the opportunity to be involved in all company decisions.
You can control, within reason, what type of work you do. If you want to do something new, you just tell us and we try to find that kind of work.
You get exposure to all aspects of software development, from analysis and round-the-table idea prototyping sessions through to deployment, maintenance and training.
You are a sizable percentage of the company so we have to keep you happy and you'll have influence in the way we work.
We're friendly!

As a small company we can not afford to have anyone who doesn't carry their weight. We look for people who are intelligent and capable of thinking for themselves. We don't have enough staff to supply entire development teams so we target the team leader, architect and "expert" positions. We expect our staff to be comfortable at filling these positions, or at least willing and able to grow to that point. We are not after people who work in isolation. It is our firm belief that people produce their best work as part of a team and we expect you to be able to fit comfortably within our group, to share with and learn with the rest of us.